Roof Windows

Millions of dollars are lost every year due to poor energy efficiency, and windows are easily one of the most affordable changes you can make. Homes and business throughout Australia can cut back on their energy costs simply by installing better windows and letting in more natural light.

Bendigo Skylights produces roof windows that are proven to meet or even exceed Australia’s stringent national standards placed on laminated skylight glazing. With our windows, you are guaranteed to minimise radiant heat by 76% and UV by 95%. Roof windows alone can improve your energy rating without requiring major construction.

Every roof presents unique challenges for design and installation. Given that we manufacture and install our own roof windows, you are guaranteed superior results when you trust your solution to us. Bendigo Skylights can tailor your solution in so many ways, from subtle style choices to electronic control.

Add resale value and save energy costs for your home or business by installing our roof windows. You can talk to a helpful member of the team by calling on 1300 35 15 15 for a free quote.


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