Leadlight Diffusers

Colour can liven up homes and businesses for the better. Natural light streaming through the stain-glass design of a leadlight diffuser will add a variety of tones to make your space extra pleasant. Bendigo Skylights can provide you with a diffuser to complement your choice of skylight.

Leadlight diffusers don’t have to be a costly investment like the designs from decades in the past. Bendigo Skylights has an affordable design that perfectly replicates classic leadlight diffusers by combining adhesive lead strips with coloured adhesive film for stunning results. Your diffuser design can integrate:

  • Plant motifs
  • Geometric patterns
  • Bespoke designs customised for you

Bendigo Skylights is your best option for new leadlight diffusers or designs to match existing leadlight patterns. Call us on 1300 35 15 15 for your free quote.

Leadlight Gallery