Flexishaft Skylights

Skylights can be surprisingly affordable for any home or business. Flexishaft skylights are made using cost-effective materials and can be rapidly installed to draw more natural light into your space. This will enable you to leave artificial lights off for much of the day and reduce your energy bill.

The name of these skylights describes the use of flexible material to construct the shaft. You could also consider a solid shaft skylight depending on the design of your building, but flexishaft is also extremely effective at funnelling in free natural light

Your flexishaft installation will be performed in a rapid timeframe with Bendigo Skylights’ expert installers on site. They are trained to excel at every challenge and will help with:

  • Shafts
  • Ceiling frames
  • Prismatic diffusers
  • Rooftop domes and flashing

Bendigo Skylights can guarantee supreme value when installing flexishaft skylights for your home or business. Discover the cost-saving potential by calling us on 1300 35 15 15 today.


Sizes Available

600mm x 400mm
800mm x 400mm
800mm x 600mm
1200mm x 600mm
Larger sizes available upon request

Flexishaft / Standard Skylight Gallery