Custom Skylight Solutions

Bendigo Skylights can create a custom skylight for your home or business. Tell us your dimensions, design tastes, budget, desired timeframe, and any other requirements for a custom skylight solution that will be unique to your building.

A specialist from our team will consider your desired lighting level plus all relevant architectural and environmental factors in perfecting your design. Each custom solution is designed based on:

  • Distinctive glazes
  • Striking frame colours
  • Bespoke sizing
  • Motorised or remote control

Your custom skylight is going to be structurally sound, 100% weatherproof, and exude visual appeal. Bendigo Skylights is a true specialist in skylights and only interested in giving you a solution for the decades to come.

Step one of the process is to call us on 0409 756 437. You will then get to speak to a member of the Bendigo Skylights team. They will listen carefully to the requirements for your home or business before moving ahead.