Questions are natural in any engineering project, which is why we have compiled a list of answers to make things clearer. Bendigo Skylights has an abundance of knowledge to share. The questions below are what we answer most often:

Q. What is the timeframe for skylight installation?

A. Installation can vary depending on the project and its unique requirements, but standard skylight installations have been completed in two hours. Please bear in mind, however, that structures, wiring, and multiple skylights can increase the installation time.

Q. Will a skylight affect my heating?

A. Bendigo Skylights’ highly professional approach to installation will ensure that your heating is virtually unaffected.

Q. Should I worry about the risk of leaking?

A. Leaking is highly unlikely when you use our superb installation experts.

Q. Can I perform the installation myself?

A. We are happy to provide you with a skylight kit and instructions upon request.

Q. What is the difference between round and square skylights?

A. The shape of a square skylight allows for extra light to be drawn in and then distributed more evenly throughout your space. That being said, a round skylight could be the better option based on the structural requirements of the building.

Q. How will a skylight make my space brighter?

A. A skylight will draw natural light into your space through a rooftop dome that will then funnel the light using a reflective shaft. The final step is for the light to be distributed evenly by way of a diffuser panel.

Q. What is the best size for my space?

A. Larger skylights will draw in more natural light, but the optimum skylight for your home or business will depend on the structural dimensions, particularly the space from roof to ceiling.

Q. Can a skylight reduce my energy costs?

From day one, you can use less electricity by swapping your light switch for natural light. Use your electric lighting less and you are going to save money.

Q. Can a skylight increase the value of my building?

A. Improved energy efficiency can add value for anyone who rents or buys a building. A lower dependency on electric lighting equates to smaller energy bulls. The more pleasant environment of a room with rich natural light will also add value.

For any questions not covered in our FAQ, please call us now on 0409 756 437.