Natural light is a low-cost way for Australians to live a more sustainable and pleasant daily life. While electricity costs you money with the flip of a switch, a skylight is a single purchase. Adding skylights to your home or business will save money from day one. With greater natural light, there will be less need for artificial lighting.

Bendigo Skylights is the rare example of a specialist that produces and installs its own skylights. This all-encompassing approach will benefit you on so many levels, from craftsmanship and quality to saving you money by cutting out the middlemen. Dealing with Bendigo Skylights directly will be a smoother process than working with suppliers and installers.

Driven by a love for our country, Bendigo Skylights sources all of its materials from domestic distributors and manufactures all products within Australia. More than 30 years have gone into perfecting our craftsmanship and standard of service. Bendigo Skylights undertakes all production at its state-of-the-art Ballarat plant. Business centres are then present in Wangaratta and Riverina.

Bendigo Skylights is a name that means:

  • Thoughtful customer service
  • Australian quality standards
  • Energy efficiency for a cleaner future

Call us on 0409 756 437 if the Bendigo Skylights philosophy is something that you want for your home or business.